Where can you buy Tezos(XTZ) Coins in Crypto Market?

Tezos Coins

Where can you buy Tez(XTZ) from?

There is a lot of buzz in the crypto space on the price of the Tezos(XTZ) coin but here is some key info for those who are newbies.

Tezos was founded by the husband-wife duo Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman.

Also called Tez or Tezzie, it is an open-source blockchain platform similar to Ethereum but self-amending in nature which is easier to upgrade in terms of innovation, open participation, and smart contract safety.

So next is where can you buy Tez(XTZ)?

There are various ways of buying Tez but however, it is easiest and convenient to purchase it from any of the popular, secure, and trusted global crypto exchanges that have minimal fees.

Below are some of the popular exchanges:


1. Binance https://www.binance.com/ XTZ/USDT

2. Houbi Global https://www.binance.com/ XTZ/USDT

3. Binance https://www.binance.com/ XTZ/BTC

4. KuCoin https://www.kucoin.com/ XTZ/USDT

5. Coinbase Pro https://pro.coinbase.com/ XTZ/BTC

6. Kraken https://www.kraken.com/ XTZ/BTC

7. Houbi Global https://www.huobi.com/ XTZ/BTC

8. Gate.io https://gate.io/ XTZ/USDT

9. Bitfinex https://www.bitfinex.com/ XTZ/BTC

10. KuCoin https://www.kucoin.com/ XTZ/BTC

11. Bittrex https://bittrex.com/ XTZ/USDT

12. Bittrex https://bittrex.com/ XTZ/BTC

13. Poloniex https://poloniex.com/ XTZ/USDT

14. Liquid https://www.liquid.com/ XTZ/BTC

15. Liquid https://www.liquid.com/ XTZ/USDT

16. OKEx https://www.okex.com/ XTZ/USDT

17. OKEx https://www.okex.com/ XTZ/BTC

18. AscendEX(Bitmax) https://www.ascendex.com/ XTZ/BTC

19. AscendEX(Bitmax) https://www.ascendex.com/ XTC/USDT

20. CoinDCX https://coindcx.com/ XTC/USDT

21. WazirX https://wazirx.com/ XTC/USDT

22. BigONE https://big.one/ XTC/USDT

23. Deepcoin https://www.deepcoin.com/cmc XTC/USDT

24. MXC.COM https://www.mxc.com/ XTC/USDT

25. CROSS exchange https://www.crossexchange.io/ XTC/BTC

26. Vinex Network https://vinex.network/ XTZ/BTC

27. BiKi https://www.biki.cc/ XTZ/USDT

The above exchanges support the following countries:

1. United States

2. Virgin Islands, British

3. Mexico

4. Costa Rica

5. Canada

6. Australia

7. Belgium

8. Czech Republic

9. France

10. Japan

11. Netherlands

12. Singapore

13. Sweden

14. Turkey

15. Switzerland

16. Monaco

17. Hong Kong

18. Greece

19. Chile

20. Argentina

Tezos (XTC) is highly scalable and is quite potential which can be used in any type of business which includes gaming and is one of the largest/fast-growing industries worldwide. Tezos has already become a millionaire-maker and is likely to increase further.

It allows even less affluent investors to participate in voting and improve the ecosystem altogether! Hope this makes you feel inspired enough to start trading with Tezos.




crypto enthusiast and a growth hacker in IT/crypto space.

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

crypto enthusiast and a growth hacker in IT/crypto space.

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